Accessories for the hunting and shooting sports.

Whatever your game of choice, we will help you bag it

Rock River Outfitters staff searches many suppliers to provide a wide variety of hunting accessories. Targets in many styles to help you sight in your firearm before going into the field. Scents to attract game and other sprays to hide your human scent. Many calls to entice your chosen game into range. We also sell the all important hunting license.

Optics and lights are another area we can be of help. We carry scopes, lasers, red dots and lots of mounting rings and rails. We also offer laser bore sighting of scopes. Flashlights, cap lights, predator hunting lights and lights that mount on your gun are available.

Ammo for most any need can be found at Rock River Outfitters. Shotgun shells and slugs in all gauges, rimfire and centerfire ammo too.

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Wide variety of tackle and live bait for the avid fisherman.

Yeah, those fish have no chance against you and us teaming up

O.K. says “you can’t catch fish with a dry line.” You will find a good selection of live bait at Rock River Outfitters. We strive to have the live bait you need for each season from little wax worms to large suckers.

Jigs, twister tails, lures, bobbers and sinkers and many other artificial baits are always in stock. Catfish baits by your favorite manufacturers to lure in the big ones. Rods, reels, combinations and line in many weights and colors. We also have small rod and reel combinations for the little fisherman in your life and light up reels to add a little pizzazz to your fishing experience.

Other accessories include caps, fillet knives, scales, minnow buckets with aerators and so much more to make your fishing experience fun and productive.

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We know guns and ammo and keep a good selection in stock.

You are right on target with Rock River Outfitters

Rifles, shotguns, pistols and revolvers are in stock at Rock River Outfitters. You will find new and used firearms and the selection changes often. Stop in the shop or check the website regularly so you don’t miss a thing.

Rock River Outfitters staff will be happy to search for things not currently available in the shop. Please give us a call or stop in soon to talk guns.

A good stock of ammo and reloading supplies are available and we can always special order unique items for you. O.K. III is very knowledgeable on reloading and will help you in selecting powders, bullets and primers.

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Our friendly staff will help you find exactly what you need.

Years of experience, gladly shared with you

You will find a friendly knowledgeable staff at Rock River Outfitters willing to answer your questions about product, hunting, shooting and fishing. Each member of the staff has an area that especially interests them and combined they are awesome. We are also willing to search for answers to unusual questions. O.K. II, O.K. III, Phil and Ron look forward to guiding you through your product search or questions.

Illinois DNR rules and regulation books are always available as soon as they are released by DNR.

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08 July

4th Annual Nightstalker Catfish Tournament

Register to fish Rock River Outfitters’ 4th Annual Nightstalker Catfish Tournament.  Friday, July 25 is the date.  Teams will fish overnight with weigh-in at 6 AM on Saturday, July 26.  All entry fees are given as prize money and there is also an optional “Big Fish Pot”.  More details are available on the calendar page of this site, under events on Rock River Outfitters Facebook page and in the shop.

03 July

God Bless America

  Please enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend. Rock River Outfitters will be open: Friday, July 4 and Saturday, July 5 8 AM-6 PM. We will be closed on Sunday but you will find our 24 hour bait machine well stocked and a reminder our bait machine will accept your debit/credit cards.